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Past Events

Engaging family members in a meaningful discussion about sensitive topics like Aging; Financial Security; and How to Leave your Assets is never easy.

On May 2, 2019, Attorney Betsey Rubel, along with the CFG Team--Investment Advisors Steve Werner and Steven Carpenter--provided insights and answers to these topics and more to the 30 plus attendees.

And based on the evaluations, participants felt it was time well spent!

A handout with answers to frequently asked questions is available by email: or call 586.739.3550

Piggybacking on February’s ID Theft Seminar, April 11’s Online Safety Seminar at 7PM in Trinity Lutheran Utica’s Boardroom, was a natural follow on especially since more and more of “you” are doing more and more online.

Jim Fleck—presenter with the ST of MI Attorney General’s Office of Consumer Education—offered attendees a practical look at internet safety to learn more about how to protect your information online.

The Seminar's handouts are available via email:

Advisory services are offered through Creative Financial Designs, Inc., a Registered Investment Advisor, and Securities are offered through CFD Investments Inc., Member FINRA & SIPC. Neither Covenant Financial Group-Covenant Helpers Arbor or The Michigan Department of The Attorney General are affiliated with the CFD companies or with each other.

Attendees who braved the cold on 2/28/19, were rewarded with a lively look at what ID Theft is and take-a ways on how to prevent it.

Presenter Jim Fleck from the Attorney General's Office of Consumer Education shared real life stories from those who have been victimized as he walked guests through the ways your identity can be stolen.

Jim shared actionable steps--and resources--for working through the challenges if you become a victim.

The Seminar's handouts are available via email:

Both Winter--as in 4-5 inches of snow--and Fest(as in festivity) were in evidence as Covenant Financial Group began its new series of Client Centered events for 2019.

Clients enjoy a time to catch up or  make new friends before lunch is served.

Mike Sugg, America's premiere Toby Keith tribute artist, entertains Winterfest attendees.

Like the old EF Hutton commercials, when CEO Steve Werner speaks,,,the guests listen(Steve is in the picture's foreground) as he shares news-updates from CFG, including a look ahead for the rest of 2019.

September 22, 2018 CFG's First Annual Client Picnic-Potluck

 A Great Time Was Had By All