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Our Story

In 2003, Stephen Werner launched Covenant Financial Planning out of the desire to be different than competing Financial Services firms in three key areas:

  • Incorporate Biblical principles in every facet of the Firm’s
  • Advise Clients from “our” core values, and with the perspective of building long term relationships not out of the need to make money from short term transactions
  • Engage every Client with a servant’s heart, seeing Clients and Staff as extensions of our family.

When Bob Wier, Stephen’s Associate, announced his plans to retire at the end of 2017, a decision was made to explore adding another partner who shared the same core values.

Just a few miles away, Steven Carpenter was working to build his firm along similar lines. When the two Steves “happened” to meet during a broker dealer conference, a synergy began to form, followed by talks to explore merging their interests.

And in 2017, Covenant Financial Group was formed.

In 2018, and beyond the vision is clear: strive to become our Client’s Champion; approach every relationship with a servant’s heart; and view every interaction with Clients, staff and business partners from a Biblical perspective.