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Covenant Retirement Group

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Do you have responsibility for managing your company’s retirement plan or would you like to learn more about potential solutions that address your Company's Retirement Planning needs?

If so, then we can help you!

Why consider Covenant Retirement Group for your solution?

………Glad you asked!

We noticed two important needs within the 401(k) landscape:

  1. Plan Sponsors need a Champion to help them navigate ERISA and meet the complex challenges of serving as a Fiduciary. Our Clients tell us they have more demanding roles to fulfill in keeping their business running profitably, rather than going it alone in their role as a fully compliant, Plan Fiduciary.
  2. Participants need an advocate, too, so they can stay, focused, informed, and educated to stay at the task of becoming retirement ready regardless of their stage in life or their financial maturity. Financial health takes disciplined guidance, and often support to develop better financial behaviors.

Our work with Retirement Plans (and our Retirement Group division) is just one more way our Team keeps in step with Covenant Financial Group’s purpose: serving our Clients as their financial Champion and advocate.

Working together with Plan Sponsors and Participants, we demonstrate the same care, concern, and support to our Qualified Plan Clients that we provide to our personal Clients.

If you already have a Defined Contribution Plan, we’d love to share with you our quick-tip series outlining “best practices” for managing your Plan. Plus, it’s a great way to build a scorecard on how well your Plan stacks up against your peers.

Shoot us an email with QUICKTIPS in the subject line and we’ll send them out to you (jf you want the print version—just provide us with your mailing address in your email).

If you’d like help navigating the responsibilities of running a successful and compliant plan or simply want to explore what option(s) might work best when creating your Company's new Retirement Plan, call CRG, today, at 586.739.3550, and ask for Randy, to receive your free, no-obligation consult, and we’d be happy to help answer any questions you have.