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Is There Life After Cable?

| May 14, 2019
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Did you know the average American’s cable bill is over $103, per month?  That means you spend just under $.85 cents per hour to watch TV, spending $3.40 on average per day, $23.80 per week.  And for a year?  $1236; and if you keep your cable service for 10 years that equals $12,360.

However, I discovered that this didn’t remove my family from the habit of engaging with TV more then we engaged as a family.  Recognizing that family engagement is priceless, we decided to commit to no TV on Saturdays. 

The first Saturday was insane.  My wife and I spoke about things that we didn’t take the time to speak about in some time.  We did things with our two boys.  It was a successful family day!  Wow!!! Could this really work??

The next week we purchased season passes to the Zoo and The Henry Ford.  I’m happy to report that the following week we took our family to the Zoo and with our membership we were able to bring additional family members with us.  This past weekend we visited Henry Ford Museum with our boys, and the grandparents joined us.  It was a fantastic experience.  It is with hope that we truly want to make this a priority in our home.

Everything isn’t about saving money.  Time is a scarce resource that all of us share equally. 

What I found in this venture, is that spending too much time on TV has a significant impact on my family.  I hope that you enjoyed this glimpse into my family's life.

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